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Frontbericht aus Ungarn

Die Kameraden in Ungarn, die gegen die Luegen und Tyrannei des Regimes jetzt demonstrieren, erbitten SOLIDARITAETSdemonstrationen in anderen Laendern. Auch kleine Demos – Fotos und Berichte bitte senden(!) – waeren gut.

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From the Hungarian Front - Report in English 1956-2006

Letter from Hungary


The Hungarian patriots stand for freedom and law, but the secret police are very brutal at the moment. Recently, 250 patriots were arrested. Help our fight! Organize demonstrations for Hungarian martyrs and freedom fighters!

Hungary is now bleeding! Hail the revolution! Hail Hungarian freedom!

We fight for race and land. Against the Zionist, liar media and corrupt government! Hear the voice of Hungary! Help us! Solidarity! Help the Hungarian patriots fight,

See these Hungarian language sites:  (tv program about the riot),   

Latest News From Hungary - In English

The comrades in Hungary currently demonstrating against the lies and repression of the regime there request SOLIDARITY demonstrations in other countries. Even small demos – remember to make and send us photos and demo reports.


Kiew, den 13.10.2006 (117)

Solidaritätsdemonstration in Kiew (Deutsch & Englisch) am 13.10.2006 (117)

Berlin, den 17.10.2006 (117)

Solidaritätsaktion in Berlin (Deutsch & Magyar) am 17.10.2006 (117)

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