Nazi Lauck NSDAP/AO Goals . . .

The NSDAP/AO: Goals and Background

The NSDAP/AO is dedicated to the defense of the White race. Survival of our White race – and of the various White nations – is our "prime directive".

Our worldview, called "National Socialism", is based upon the laws of nature and the lessons of history. "Race and Nation" are our two highest values. "White Power!" is our goal.

The NSDAP/AO was founded in 1972 for the purpose of providing the National Socialist underground in Germany with propaganda materials. (National Socialist activity and literature are illegal there.)

Official German government reports have repeatedly identified the NSDAP/AO as by far the largest supplier of National Socialist literature in Germany. Numerous books about „Neo-Nazism" in Germany mention the NSDAP/AO. And the NSDAP/AO was featured prominently in the internationally distributed documentary Wahrheit macht frei! (Truth Makes Free!) produced by Swedish television.

When the Berlin Wall fell, the National Socialist movement in Germany – and with it, the NSDAP/AO – experienced a massive growth. Since then, the NSDAP/AO has expanded into a global propaganda machine with publications in ten languages: English, German, Danish, Swedish, Hungarian, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

The unprecedented kidnapping of NSDAP/AO leader Gerhard Lauck in 1995 - in violation of both U.S. and international law - resulted in international solidarity and even greater support. Lauck spent the next four years in a German prison solely for publishing a newspaper IN AMERICA under the supposed protection of the First Ammendment! This shows the enemy’s fear of the NSDAP/AO.

The NSDAP/AO engages in legal, non-violent political activity in the United States, Denmark and other countries where its work is not outlawed by a repressive regime. (In those countries, it is forced to work in the underground, but it nonetheless confines itself to non-violent resistance. The NSDAP/AO seeks legalization and participation in the political process – not violence.)

REPRESSION is the cause of rebellion (or so-called "terrorism"), NOT the literature which demands political freedom and ultimately the defeat of tyranny by legal, non-violent, political means. A regime that imprisons people simply for expressing politically incorrect views is NOT a "free democracy". A regime that "criminalizes" the non-violent political opposition becomes criminal itself.

Only when National Socialism returns to power in Germany can World War Two truly and finally come to an end. If this political process is "legal" and non-violent, amnesty for both sides will be possible. If not, the enemy can reckon with a kind of "Nuremberg Tribunal" in reverse.


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