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An Inside Look at the NSDAP/AO

The following article by comrade Michael Storm appeared in the July/August 1992 issue (#99) of THE NEW ORDER, the English-language newspaper of the NSDAP/AO.

Comrades! It is good to be back!

After spending several years outside of the United States, it was good to come back and report for duty. Although I had remained in close contact with the NSDAP/AO while overseas, I was pleasantly surprised at the extent of its progress. That is why I decided to write this article.

But first, some background information about myself.

I have been active in the National Socialist struggle since 1973 and was at the very center of the monumental Aryan uprising in Marquette Park (in Chicago) in the 1970’s. This experience gives me a thorough understanding of what activism means, including (Rockwell’s) Phases 1, 2 and 3.

Marquette Park was an all-White neighborhood populated by hard-working, clean people with a large number of Lithuanians who had fled from the sweet victory of "democracy" in Eastern Europe. These people knew the Red terror firsthand. They required no further education on the Jewish question.

However, these people only wanted to be good citizens of their adoptive country, the United States. The constant reign of Jewish terror in the United States was very real for them, because many had fought side by side with Germany against the Jewish Bolsheviks. Many faced the very real risk of being tried as "war criminals", since many naturalized U.S.-citizens - Lithuanians, Poles, Ukrainians, Romanians and of course Germans had indeed been dragged before Jewish kangaroo courts, stripped of their U.S.-citizenship and deported to communist-controlled countries to spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Under these circumstances, it was no surprise that they did not wish to draw attention to themselves and their community through the existence of an active National Socialist unit in their midst. Yet there we were!

But it was not the eternal Jew who drove the masses to the frenzy of White Revolution. It was the subhuman Black savages who have crawled across all the once White cities of America. Naturally, the Black Plague is nutured and directed by Jews, but not openly. The masses react only to what they see, so it was the Black invasion which radicalized the people.

We National Socialists harnessed this energy and directed it into White self-defense, an unheard of phenomenon in America. We did this through intensive activism over a period of many years, everyday building the foundation of strenght from which to fight. In the early stages, we did this the same way as is still popular today:

ˇ Sticker Actions. Lone wolves and even squads of men went out every night to cover block after block with stickers twice as fast as the authorities could remove them. These stickers soon very clearly defined the boundaries of the movement and declared it National Socialist territory.

ˇ Literature distributions. We went house to house after work day after day, week after week and finally year after year. Our men hand-distributed literature produced on our own printing presses. Leaflets and newspapers by the tens of thousands at a crack. The masses started to recognize the enemy (i.e. niggers) and its ally, the anti-White Jew system. Finally they realized that only we National Socialists were fighting for their rights, their homes and their very lives.

While our activity increased, so did the enemy’s. We began getting more publicity, first local and then national press coverage until it was almost a daily occurrence. It actually became routine to give interviews over the phone. My favorite was when I calmly explained to a reporter that I wasn’t interested in how many Jews supposedly died, but how many had gotten away! There was a howl from Chicago to Tel Aviv.

White Power rallies and demonstrations with our stormtroopers in full uniform became common to White people all over the city. This made for excellent television coverage and it was not uncommon to be on the tube several times a week. This culminated in a Presidential Press Conference where hysterical Jewish reporters badgered President Carter about "the Nazis".

Mayor Daley’s political machine had tried - but failed – to shut us down due to popular support for us. After promising on television to "close the Nazi headquarters", he actually backed down when his own precinct captains told him that it would cost him too many votes in the southwest side of the city!

Finally, the masses were ready for the great test: the aldermanic election. In four wards across the city, we fought tooth and nail and door to door, limited only by our lack of funds. (I worked full time third shift in a factory while living in the headquarters and donating my entire paycheck to the party. At the same time, I worked full time second shift for the party - without pay – and tried to sleep first shift.)

Now even the television shows were becoming more and more routine for us. People on the street would tell me, "I saw one of you guys on TV last night!’ They were happy. The day of the election held some good surprises, after all.

Mayor Daley, "the King Maker", controlled his machine with an iron hand. Yet his people turned against him. Precinct captains told their people, "Vote Daley for mayor and the Nazis for the aldermen."

We got plenty of votes at the grass-roots level, but when they went upstairs for counting they were dumped. One of our members and his entire family of ten voted on the National Socialist ticket as did most of his neighbors, but when the votes were tallied his precinct recorded zero Nazi votes!

I myself as a poll watcher caught a professional democrat who had voted seven times that day. (I overheard him in a nearby restaurant explaining his exploits over lunch to a polling judge.) Later, when I legally exercized my poll watcher duty, I was escorted out of the polling place by a Black patrol officer! I counterattacked with two special anti-corruption agents who threatened the polling judge (who looked "only slightly Jewish"), and I was reinstated. But the professional voter was long gone.

The System decided to give us 15% of the total vote in our strongest ward (5,000). The real number will never be known. On the lighter side, the other independent candidate was a Black man who called us crying that he, too, was cheated and given the magic 15%. (30% of the ward had already been overrun by the coons.)

After the election we decided to strike the Hydra in the heart with Operation Skokie. The publicity was endless and support grew by leaps and bounds. Money poured in - still not enough, but more than in the past. And new men joined the stroomtroop.

The reporters suddenly became friendly in hope of getting a better story. But of course, it was not all a bed of roses. We were in court everyday as the system churned out one case after another against us. Physical attacks against our headquarters and our men increased, but this helped to weed out the weak.

Boy, those were the days! I will always be grateful for those memories. That was activism Chicago-style. I learned a lot while rising in the ranks from supporter to stormtrooper to Chief Duty Officer and Spokesman.

But that was 15 years ago. What about now? Is there activism today?

Yes! There is so much activism that is it simply impossible to report on all of it. The NSDAP/AO’s World Offense is exactly that, activism on a global scale, whether legal or not. The National Socialist movement is moving forward again.

Our Party is supported by dedicated National Socialists, people who often work full time jobs and then literally work a second full time job for the Party, year after year, donating time, energy and money for the future of our White Race.

During my refamiliarization with party operations, I told comrade Lauck that I wanted to experience operations from the bottom up. So I started at the beginning: the post office and from there to the mail room. (I apologize in advance to any reader whose order I may have bungled!) An experienced comrade showed me how to pack and process newspaper orders. That is not so difficult when doing The New Order. But what if you have nine newspapers in nine languages? And stickers? I stopped counting when I topped 25 plus slogans in eleven languages. You must be systematic and careful.

Next came the postage stamps. I licked though sheet after sheet of stamps – not for a special mailing, but just for the normal, daily mail! Many supporters may not realize the cost of postage. I complained that postage costs especially on overseas orders for items like stickers – left very little over toward the printing cost.

Where was all this propaganda going? That particular day a lot of mail was going to South America, where contacts have been rapidly growing. And of course North America and Europe get shipments daily. (Even on Sunday, a fax order came in from Finland for 1000 Finnish stickers.)

Then I started packing larger orders for pins, armbands, flags, books etc. My favorite order consisted of a large sampling of all the above items. That was common enough, but the destination was a surprise to me: Moscow (via a circuitous route)! Even the system press has reported about "anti-Semitism" in Russia, but I can confirm the fact that the White Russians hate Jews!

Packing the swastika sticker orders made me feel even better than the newspapers. The swastika is the only true (Aryan) international symbol, because our ancestors brought it with them on all their world-wide conquests! Just image, today swastika flags and armbands are being sent to comrades in Canada, Brazil, Spain, Norway, England and Australia. (On just one day, mail arrived from 16 countries.) Some of the flags shown on German television had been processed at the very work station where I was working.

I felt I was ready to put it all in perspective, because unlike Marquette Park, the World Offensive is a giant jigsaw puzzle with each nation having many smaller pieces. In one office there is an array of telephones, copiers, fax machines, computers and printers all connecting us to the world.

One day the first packet I saw was from Argentina and contained a large German-language, daily newspaper. I began to page through it. At the top of page two I saw our German sticker "Wir Sind Wieder Da!" ("We Are Back!") with our address clearly visible. Under it was a letter from a comrade. The rest of the page was devoted to personalities of the Third Reich, even though it was not a movement publication. It was dated a month earlier, so this probably accounted for at least some of the increased mail from South America.

Then I tackled a stack of mail from Hungary, Spain, England etc. Requests for information, Official Supporter applications, dues payments, donations and activity reports from all over the globe. What kind of activity? Small scale? Yes, some of them were sticker actions and literature distributions. But also larger scale activities such as arrests and indictments on political charges. (A special letter came in. But more about that later.)

Due to time differences, faxes come in all day and all night, seven days a week. On this day a pile of faxs reported about a demonstration that afternoon in Dresden, Germany. 1000 comrades protested the acquittal of Rainer Sonntag’s murderers. (Comrade Sonntag was murdered for his heroic National Socialist stand against Jewish filth and pornography in his beloved Dresden.) The streets of Dresden were lined by the sympathetic populace while our comrades marched by with flags waving. Even the police were sympathetic as evidenced by the fact that not a single comrade was arrested or injured. Dresden is a National Socialist stronghold!

Another fax from a Swedish comrade informed us that the sensational documentary "Wahrheit macht frei!" which has aired in thirteen countries - now has a sequel, "Wahrheit macht frei! - Part Two". It was broadcast in Sweden on April 12th. Both films clearly outline global National Socialist activism and the role of the NSDAP/AO. (Too bad we do not get any royalties from this highly successful series!)

Suddenly the fax machine prints out another page from a member in Europe: It’s official! Alessandra Mussolini, running on the openly fascist party ticket, has won her election bid to the Italian parliament. Hail Duce! Meanwhile, another comrade hung up the phone. He had been discussing the next (fourth) issue of our Hungarian newspaper, Új Rend, with a Hungarian comrade (in the West). The NSDAP/AO had recently placed a computer at this comrade’s disposal so that he could do the Hungarian-language typesetting.

This volunteer’s assistance played a big role in the decision to expand the Hungarian newspaper from four to eight pages less than one year after the first issue appeared. National Socialist Solidarity in action and getting results!

Then he translated the special letter I had mentioned earlier. The stamp was Croatian. It had no return address and was not signed. The author stated that he was a German National Socialist participating in a volunteer international unit in Croatia. He then went on to describe how his unit had destroyed two enemy machine-gun nests while liberating a town. He said that he wanted to double the size of his unit.

While discussing this letter, our conversation naturally turned to Gottfried Küssel, who is still in prison in the so-called democracy of Austria...allegedly for statements he made to French and U.S. television, but actually in large part due to his work in Croatia.

In conclusion, let us take a look back to those great days in Chicago. Yes, that was activism, progress and the power of the masses in the streets...despite our limited resources and, admittedly, the many mistakes we made. It is gone now and nothing of its kind currently exists on the North American front. Many comrades - even seasoned veterans - became discouraged and gave up political activism during the "dead" 1980’s. But the NSDAP/AO kept right on building the propaganda machine needed for the 1990’s and beyond.

Do not despair! The political climate in the Jew S. A. is shifting. The masses are sick of Jewish holahoax nonsense and tired of the niggers.

And this time the fight is not limited to a handful of neighborhoods like Marquette Park, Cleveland and South Boston. This time the fight is world-wide!

All over the globe, brave comrades are standing up and fighting back. Time is on our side, not the enemy’s. Everyday we grow stronger, because we are united. A victory in Europe or South America is a victory for all of us!

Today your support is needed more than ever! Get into action! Get the word out! Distribute literature, recruit, raise funds and support the NSDAP/AO. We are not alone anymore for together we are strong!

Heil Hitler!


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