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«Freedom for Marcus Bischoff»

The German authorities have been made everything they can to destroy this man`s life. Besides being convicted for political reasons, at this moment his own live is in danger. Bischoff suffers from a very serious liver disease. Even if he uses a recent treatment for his health problem, the chances for survival are only of 29%!!!

However, the authorities are aware of this fact and are trying to eliminate him in a discrete and «democratic» way. They have been using the most diverse stratagem so that he doens`t leave jail and don`t have access to the treatments that can save him.

Although he has been put into freedom on the 2nd of December 97, Bischoff was immediately charged of several crimes and arrested again in January 98. Crimes that have been proved in trial to have no real basis.

But meanwhile Marcus Bischoff is still in jail, was forced to spend four months in the worst area of Tegel`s jail, subjected to the terrible conditions in jail and he`s not even allowed to temporary outlets, which even the worst criminals have a right to. Since the 7 August 98 that Bischoff can`t phone, his mail is regularly delivered to him with one to two months in delay sometimes it even «disappear» and his health is getting deteriorate… maybe without remedy!

Here it is shown how is possible to condemn someone to death penalty in this Europe of today, defender of human rights all over the world!

Let us then stop this crime and do everything so that the German authorities realise they can not destroy a man`s life which only delict was and is the one of staying true to his National Socialist ideals. Let us make it very clear that…

Bischoff is not alone!!!

Send him a postcard every week, showing him he can count with the unconditional support of every Nationalists and decent people of your country! Some of this letters may not even reach him, but they are nevertheless extremely important, because they are a visible answer to the barbarian way that Bischoff has been treated by the judicial German system.

October 1999

Bischoff is allowed to receive treatment in jail!

The first persons who joined the international campaign that we launched and who wrote to Bischoff started to receive an answer from him. The minimal delayed time: 1 month! Only after that period of censured time did he (start to) receive the letters of several Portuguese people and from other persons of different Nationalities. Before that happened, some friends were already writing and asking us if he would indeed receive and answer back to their letters since time was passing by and they had no news. Well, there you have the answer! And that answer can and must only strength our campaign of solidarity in favour of Bischoff! – More postcards, more letters of support! Never forget! Bischoff is not alone!

Concerning his health and situation in jail, Marcus explained us what is happening:

«A possibility for treatment against my disease was permitted by surprise. It was not too late for me to get it. Since July 15th I`m getting the treatment. It will take one year and is so expensive that – for instance - you can get a very good car for it. But the chance to get cured is only about 30%. However, it´s better than 0%! Now I can only hope that the treatment will be successful and the disease will not return afterwards.

If I will get cured the murderous plan of the System will be baffled and they can only steal four years of my life again… but can not kill me.

May the Gods help!

NS greetings to all true Comrades in Portugal.»

In other letters to other Portuguese people, Marcus shows a little surprise for receiving several messages of support from the North to the South of Portugal. Well, either from Portugal or from any other Country let`s keep on surprising him and showing (to him and to the German authorities) our solidarity!

Meanwhile, due to the growing support of Nationalists and some common people from Portugal and other Countries, it makes sense to ask if that solidarity didn`t help a little bit, in some way, to stop the murder of Bischoff that was taking place!

If you want to help financially Marcus Bischoff, please get in contact with us and we`ll try to find a safe way to do it. Bishchoff warned us just recently that «you must not send money to me! It would be grabbed by the system!»

December 1999

Police search the cell of Bischoff looking for «evidence»!

The medical treatment is being successful!

On November 10th at 5h30 (one hour before «official» wakening) several guards rushed into Bischoff`s cell, searched him, putted him in an empty cell and searched his cell in an exhaustive way. Two persons that Bischoff reported as being «typical hippie individuals» stood before the door. After the search the guards informed Bischoff that they were from the police and were looking for «evidences» in a new case of «threatening» in which Bischoff is again charged (again without any credible evidence).

The guards who invaded the cell of Bischoff had no permission to make those actions. So, keeping his initiative spirit strong and unshakeable, Bischoff presented immediately a protest against this actions that have the soul purpose of intimidate and silence him definitely.

«On November 15th I received a new indictment from Stuttgart.», says Bischoff, which adds the following: «The Prosecutor say that one year ago I told to some prisoners that I was going to kill a witness in a "phantom-case". All this is a big lie that seems to have no end! I do not talk to foreign criminals in prison! I was in Stuttgart only for the trial and don`t know anybody there! Anyway, only a total subnormal would make such statements to totally unknown persons! This is a new aggression from ZOG because I do not ask for mercy and stay true to our ideals!!»

On December 9th the Chief Doctor told Bischoff that the medical treatment is being successful… until now! However, there`s still a long way Bischoff will have to take until the complete cure and then will still have to hope that his disease doesn`t come back after the treatment is finish!

Once again we reinforce the idea that all the support given to Bischoff is not too much to help him to keep the moral high and the necessary strength to defeat (also) this (other) terrible enemy!

Write to Bischoff and inform your Comrades and friends about this campaign!

… The Fight Goes On!

If you would like to co-operate in a more active way in the fight for freedom to Marcus Bischoff and in the justice and freedom for so many other equally persecuted persons all over the world, get in contact with us!

Write to:

Marcus A. Bischoff,

0128 / 99 – 6 Alt. – Moabit 12ª,

10 559 Berlin,


For more information write to:


Apartado 14.121,

1064 Lisboa Codex,


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