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"Recognition" from the enemy is probably the most honest and hence significant kind…

"The underground activity of the NSDAP/AO for the re-creation of a fascist system in Germany and Western Europe draws its effectiveness in its struggle against the western European state security police forces from its strictly conspiratorial work. As the name itself says, young National Socialists fight for the lifting of the NSDAP-ban and for the legalization of their methodology, ideology and politics, which are inflammatory, anti-minority and which promote race hatred.

"Further strictly confidential material about this organization, which agitates across a broad front through its cell system, give certainty that the largely young members are fighting terrorists who are responsible for burning refugee homes, attacks against the offices of leftist parties/organizations, foreigners and other illegal actions such as break-ins.

"The damage done by the NSDAP/AO is hard to estimate. That it must be considerable is demonstrated by the relatively heavy prison sentences against young activists, if the police are able – which seldom happens – to catch them, as well as by the immense distribution of propaganda material and NS regalia, which floods Western Europe and is directed from the USA.

"The long list of activists of the NSDAP/AO who have died or committed suicide is the surest measure that these fighters for the National Socialist cause are the most hardened and fanatical Hitler followers." - Die Reihen fest geschlossen by Georg Christians (page 249)

"In a special report earlier this year on German Neo-Nazis, the ADL singled out Lauck as the movement`s most dangerous propagandist. – Los Angeles Times, September 7, 1993

"The rising problem of neo-Nazism in Germany, sporadic outbreaks of violence in America and Lauck´s recent expansion to new hate markets in other countries has set off alarms in agencies that monitor extremist activity…

"The agency (Germany`s Office for the Protection of the Constitution) says Lauck is the top supplier of propaganda to the German Nazi underground…

"In the past year, Chancellor Helmut Kohl made ´several attempts to convince the Americans how important it was to stop either the printing of the material or the export of the material,` said Hannelore Kohler of the German government`s German Information Center in New York City…"

"From the Midlands, Lauck`s web of contacts stretches throughout Europe and North and South America. He supplies propaganda, encouragement, direction and in some cases money to racists on the radical-right fringes of predominantly white countries…

"Trying to keep him out of their country, German authorities once jailed Lauck for four months. They have banned him for life. But they have not stifled his involvement. Since the fall of the Berlin wall, their problem – and Lauck`s German network – has grown.

"Moreover, in the past two years Lauck has expanded into more than 30 countries. His organization publishes tabloid-format quarterlies in English, German, Swedish, Danish, Hungarian, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. He also sends U.S. dollars and German marks into Russia to finance a Russian-language paper printed there…

"In the past year, Lauck has also beefed up his U.S. operations. He sponsors two "white power" TV shows on the public-access channels of 15 American cities.

"The Jewish Anti-Defamation League, B`nai B`rith, which has monitored Lauck throughout his career, calls him a ´world-class` racist whose expansions provide cause for international concern.

"´He has all the elements of being important in the world of hatred,` said I. Robert Wolfson of Omaha, director of the Plains Region of the Anti-Defamation League. ´That is, large numbers, a well-funded operation that is international in scope, a fairly sophisticated idea of his goals and tactics, and the means to do something about it.

"Wolfson predicts that Lauck will use his new European and Scandinavian footholds to try to legitimize Nazism as a political option internationally and increase pressure on Germany to legalize the party.

"´There`s a confluence of events that makes a guy like this much more important than he was 20 years ago,` Wolfson said…

"In more than 200 criminal investigations in 1992, Lauck`s propaganda was found at the crime scene or in searches of suspects` residences.

"´Once every three days we produce either a tabloid newspaper in professional format or a TV show,` Lauck said, ´plus handling the mail orders and the faxes and the interviews and this stuff.`

"His claims are backed up by agencies that are his enemies." – Sunday World-Herald (Omaha) September 26, 1993

"German neo-Nazis have turned to an American known as the ´farm-belt Fuehrer` for instructions on how to dodge police and blow up buildings, according to a top Nazi defector.

"The American, Gary Lauck of Lincoln, Nebr., has been notorious as the world`s largest printer of neo-Nazi propaganda…

"´I think that this (allegation of his connection to violence) is part of a campaign by the German government,` he said. ´They have been trying for years to get us outlawed. The German concept of democracy is just so different from ours.

"German officials, in fact, have been calling for a crackdown on Lauck`s propaganda mill…

"Late last year, Lauck was a central topic of discussion in Bonn between FBI Director Lewis Freeh and his German counterparts.

"German officials asked Freeh for help in keeping Lauck`s materials out of Germany.

"Freeh implied that the United States might be able to do more if it can be proved that Lauck has been more than a political propagandist.

"´There is a fairly fine line where an individual may go beyond mere free speech or expressions, and begin to aid or abet (a crime in Germany),` he said.

According to former neo-Nazi Ingo Hasselbach, Lauck has done exactly that. In a recent interview Hasselbach claimed that Lauck has become a leading figure in the German rightist movement, not only calling for terrorism but also supplying the necessary instructions.

"Lauck´s influence grew substantially after German authorities banned several rightist parties and forced their leaders to go underground, according to Hasselbach, who resigned from the rightist movement last year out of what he described as disgust with its pointless violence.

"Hasselbach, who once led Berlin`s largest skinhead contingent, said that Lauck urged German neo-Nazis to fight the governnment`s ban with a campaign of terrorism.

"´He sent me a letter saying the legal way (of achieving political change) had failed and we should think about attacks against Jewish institutions…and the (Berlin city government`s pitch for) the 2000 Olympics,` Hasselbach said. ´With this letter I received a computer disk (containing a document called ), ´An Armed Movement.`"

"Lauck also supplied the group with detailed instructions on how to make bombs and where to place them for maximum effect, Hasselbach said…

"Lauck has called Hasselbach a traitor to the cause and perhaps a tool of German intelligence services." – The Buffalo News, February 13, 1994

"Openly and totally undisturbed by the authorities, he prints more than 20,000 copies of the banned newspaper NS-Kampfruf every two months and smuggles it into Germany. He produces swastika stickers by the millions…

"In the view of the German Office to Protect the Constitution Lauck`s NSDAP is the most important supplier of fascist publications for the German Nazi scene. Gary Rex Lauck himself estimates that 95% of all rightwing-extremist underground literature comes from him. By the ton, he gets printed matter into Reich territory. Propaganda material from Lincoln was connected to 72 violent crimes in 1992 alone." – Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, March 4, 1994

"In Germany, (FBI Director) Freeh will discuss how to halt the flow of propaganda, money – and, perhaps, even paramilitay assistance – from American white supremacist groups to German neo-Nazis and skinheads…

"According to German law enforcement sources, Freeh will also discuss whether conspiracy laws may be used against Americans who try to violate German law by smuggling Nazi contraband.

"´Freeh will make this a major theme of his trip,` added a senior U.S. official…

"The FBI already has agents posted in Germany for liaison on such issues as bank robbery, organized crime, wiretaps and the growth of computer mailboxes linking right-wing extremist groups worldwide." – Chicago Tribune, June 27, 1994

"German federal police hint at actions against Nebraskan Gary Lauck…"

"The FBI has said it is investigating one high-profile case ´based on leads from the Germans.`´ Freeh did not identify the case.

"But Hans-Ludwig Zachert, head of the German Federal Criminal Police, told the news conference that ´Gary Lauck (of Nebraska) since the 1980s has spread propaganda to Germany, a militant, extremist leaflet with polemic texts`…

"In an interview en route to Berlin, Freeh said the FBI might be able to legally give German police the addresses to which hate material is shipped from the United States. This would facilitate seizures by German police." – The Lincoln Star, June 29, 1994

"But there`s little German authorities can do about U.S. resident Gary Lauck – identified by (Vice President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution) Frisch as the biggest supplier of propaganda to German neo-Nazis…

"At an exhibit on extremism, Frisch said he has had ´intensive talks` with the FBI about Lauck.

"´They (the FBI) point out that freedom of speech is an absolute right in the United States and there is no chance to take legal action against him,` Frisch said.

"`Our only chance is intercepting it. But he (Lauck) doesn`t put a return address on the envelopes, so it`s hard to spot. We are able to confiscate some, but huge amounts get through,` Frisch said." – The Lincoln Star, February 21, 1995

"Most Wanted Man in Europe Arrested in Denmark – Wanted by Interpol in 15 Countries!"- Danish newspaper headline after Gerhard Lauck`s arrest on March 20, 1995

"The Anti-Defamation League has called Lauck the far right`s most dangerous propagandist." – Los Angeles Times, July 25, 1995

"An official at the U.S. Embassy in Bonn said the U.S. government has not yet been asked to help provide evidence against Lauck. ‘We don’t have a dog in that fight," the official said. ‘The Danes and the Germans have to resolve it. Our initial interest will be to ensure that he gets treated as good as anybody gets in Germany, that his rights are fully observed.’" The Washington Post, August 25, 1995

"But we wish to anytime defend the right of anybody – even Nazis, including Gary Lauck – to present their views in word and in writing. Until the Danish Supreme Court passed its ruling, we actually believed highest legal authority in this land would view the defense of free speech in our Constitution as its most noble task.

"How naïve. The verdict was a judicial Slalom with the goal of disguising the fact that today the Danish Supreme Court values political correctness and political obedience more than the Constitution.

"The verdict is politically obedient because, as of the moment Gary Lauck was arrested, it was clear that it was important to the Foreign Minister to grant the German wish for extradition, and it hence gathered the best minds of the Justice Ministry for the thankless task of scraping together the judicial means to legitimize the extradition.

"It took a few months before they were ready, and the worst they could find in this pile of nonsense which Lauck had written in years, and which the High Court used to justify the extradition, were statements like ‘The Jews are our misfortune. Out with the Jew.", statements whose text even in terms of the anti-racism statute 266b would at most result in a fine or a few weeks in jail. Nonetheless, the Supreme Court surrendered the man to Germany and a sentence of probably a few years prison." – Morgenposten Fyens Stiftstidende (Danish newspaper), August 27, 1995

"During the first two years of social upheaval following German unification, he launched a massive propaganda attack on Germany. Extreme-right crimes exploded, especially in the eastern states. Between 1991 and 1992 police seizures of Lauck`s material almost tripled. NSDAP/AO racist stickers cropped up all across the country…

"Nonetheless, in recent years Lauck`s movement has witnessed a surge in membership and financial support. He now publishes Nazi newspapers in ten languages.

"Experts at the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution acknowledge that Lauck`s material continues to flood into Germany. The police experts confirm that it is nearly impossible to counter this smuggling tactic, due to the huge volume of legal post arriving every day from the U.S…

"´Lauck has more money than ever before, much of it contributions from Nazi sympathizers,` notes Abraham Foxman, director of the Anti-Defamation League of B`nai B`rith in America, which has studied the NSDAP/AO`s funding. In turn, he is able to support his European followers.

"Many experts are convinced that Lauck and his propaganda network constitute a serious menace. Says a retired journalist who has studied the NSDAP/AO for 20 years on the threat of right-wing extremism: ´I see little danger that today`s educated adults will swallow the distortion of history, but Lauck is planning for the future and influencing our youngsters." – Evil Genius of Germany`s Neo-Nazis in the British edition of Readers Digest, September 1995

"´The mere fact that the NS KAMPFRUF continues to appear shows that our large-scale action in March obviously didn`t accomplish much`, commented a police official. Police specialists complain that the NSDAP/AO continues its work based in Lincoln, Nebraska and that it still distributes propaganda material for the German Neo-Nazi scene. – Offenbach Post, October 10, 1995

"The trial leads abroad. Especially the American NSDAP/AO is viewed as the secret exile government of the Germany right and, according to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, ´worldwide the largest producer and distributor of NS-propaganda material.’" – Süddeutsche Zeitung, January 13, 1996

"Gary `Rex` Lauck, the Nebraskan leader, visited Hasselbach. Lauck is probably the most powerful Nazi in the world, and about the only real player who can use the name Nazi. It is legal in America. He supports every sizable Nazi organization on earth with propaganda materials, and coordinates untold numbers of terrorist cells. (He is now under arrest in Germany, one of the men Hasselbach will be testifying against.)

"Hasselbach discovered a Nazi scene that was reassuredly huge and solid, straddling the globe, with a steady cashflow, a strong historical sense of purpose and a surplus of weaponry and expertise. When he told all to the police years later they hardly believed him. The fallout from his relevations will not settle for years yet." – Spectrum (United Kingdom), March 3, 1996

"The Simon Wiesenthal Center ranks him as ‘one of the most dangerous Neo-Nazi terrorists worldwide’". – Hamburger Morgenpost, March 8, 1996

"Distribution of the NS KAMPFRUF was decentralized long before Lauck`s arrest. The illegal NSDAP/AO structure inside Germany has remained almost totally untouched." - die tageszeitung, May 5, 1996

"I was asked by the attorney general to testify. The letter described Lauck as ‘the leader of the NSDAP/AO’. The state gives him this title! The NSDAP/AO is officially recognized. It is accepted as an organization – even though it is banned in Germany." – Former VS-informant Peter Schulz in an interview in the tageszeitung, May 8, 1996

"(German government spokesman) Wulf said some evidence against Lauck was compiled through court-authorized wiretaps of transatlantic telephone calls placed from Germany to five Nebraska numbers allegedly linked to Lauck’s organisation." – Washington Post, May 9, 1996

"Lauck, one of the biggest producers of NS-material worldwide, is considered a key figure in the international neo-Nazi scene." – Süddeutsche Zeitung, May 10, 1996

"The trial is seen by German investigators as the climax to a 20-year campaign to halt Mr. Lauck’s activities…

"According to investigators, Mr. Lauck’s publication, NS Kampfruf, or National Socialist Battle Cry, appears every two months in 10 languages. Some 20,000 issues are mailed to addresses around the world, principally in Germany…

"…and it plays a significant role in supplying German groups with propaganda material they could only produce at great risk in this country. ‘Gary Lauck is the main purveyor of hate mail into Germany,’ said Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, which monitors neo-Nazi groups." – The New York Times, May 10, 1996

"The prosecutor said that the vast majority of the pro-Nazi material confiscated comes from the United States and that Lauck has been the major distributor." – Omaha World-World, August 20, 1996

"During his arrest the judges ordered dozens of issues of NSDAP/AO newspapers in various languages – all published AFTER Gerhard Lauck`s arrest and mailed to his prison cell as a sign of solidarity – to be seized. Lauck received written confirmation of these seizures and hence proof of the NSDAP/AO`s unrelenting activity. - die tageszeitung, August 21, 1996

"German prosecutors say Lauck has been the main supplier of Neo-Nazi literature, armbands, flags, posters and videos to Germany for 20 years." - The News Herald, August 23, 1996

"Lauck, 43, had built a neo-Nazi publishing empire at his home town of Lincoln, Nebraska, sheltered from prosecution by the U.S. Constitution." – Independent (United Kingdom), August 23, 1996

"But German federal investigators have long accused Mr. Lauck of masterminding a smuggling operation that brought banned brochures, banners, books and stickers to the neo-Nazi movement in Germany."

"Thursday`s conviction concludes a decade-long hunt by German authorities for Mr. Lauck, whom they see as one of the driving forces behind the resurgence of Nazi ideology in Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989…

"Mr. Lauck`s newspaper, the NS Kampfruf, or the National Socialist Battle Cry, was read by an estimated 10,000 Germans, prosecutors said…

"In his memior, Fuehrer-Ex, Mr. Hasselbach says of Mr. Lauck, ´He was the source of practically all the neo-Nazi propaganda pasted upon walls and windows from Berlin to Sao Paolo.`"- The Dallas Morning Star, August 23, 1996

"´Lauck possessed a well-oiled propaganda machine, honed during more than 20 years,` Guenther Bertram, the presiding judge, told the court. ´He set up a propaganda cannon and fired it at Germany.`" – The Washington Post, August 23, 1996

"The court greatly restricted the material introduced into the case. Most of the tons of propaganda which Lauck had smuggled into Germany by conspiratorial means for twenty years fell under the statute of limitations…

"Nonetheless, Lauck is ranked by NS-experts as the worldwide most important Neo-Nazi of the present time." - Süddeutsche Zeitung, August 23, 1996

"Even if the American had gotten five years – considering his agitation, his criminal energy, his role in the international network of neo-Nazis, it would not have been nearly as much as such a figure deserves." Der Tagesspiegel, August 23, 1996

"Spitting defiance at the German judiciary, the American neo-Nazi leader Gary Lauck marched out of a Hamburg courtroom yesterday to begin a four-year prison sentence for exporting racist propaganda…`´The struggle goes on,` he shouted in German as he was led away. ´Neither the National Socialists nor the communists ever dared to kidnap an American citizen." – Independent (London), August 23, 1996

"The verdict rests on a very questionable legal base. The accused was not convicted for what he did, rather only for what he said via the NS Kampfruf. If Lauck had been punished for importing the hammer and sickel instead of the swastika, then his present critics would complain about censorship." – die tageszeitung, August 23, 1996

"His extradition, trial and conviction are all seen as setting international legal precedents. His arrest in Denmark, which has liberal laws on political material and pornography, only followed strong pressure from Germany and a complaint that he was breaking Danish law on racial incitement. While Lauck was silent for most of the trial, his lawyer, Hans-Otto Sieg, argued he could not be tried in Germany for publishing material in America." – The Times (United Kingdom), August 23, 1996

"It was the first time that Denmark, which has liberal laws in this area, extradited a Neo-Nazi." – Berliner Zeitung, August 23, 1996

"In Omaha, Neb., the regional director of the Anti-Defamation League said he was pleased with the verdict, but concerned about the future.

"´This could give him a boost in his martyr status, especially in Europe, where his influence is strongest,` Bob Wolfson said. ´It gives him battle scars and in certain circles he needs that. I don`t anticipate that a visit to the German prison system will deter him.`" - Associated Press, Hamburg, August 23, 1996

"What should one think – whether German jurisprudence has jurisdiction over an offense which is not an offense where it occurred." – Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung, August 24, 1996

"Politicians of all parties welcomed the verdict. Interior Minister Manfred Kanther said the conviction of ´one of the ring-leaders of international neo-Nazism and biggest distributor of vicious racist publications` was an ´appropriate response` by German justice. - Jewish Chronicle, August 30, 1996

"The sentence must be deemed high, because it is based on only six of the 38 counts…

"Witnesses were deemed superfluous. The prosecutor had no intention of uncovering the NSDAP/AO structure inside Germany. Instead, Lauck was built up as a lone offender and the most dangerous Neo-Nazi in order to then convict him with maximum media effect.

"The state calculation worked completely. Lauck was convicted as the worldwide only dangerous and organized Neo-Nazi. That’s good for the image here and abroad and lets action against the NSDAP/AO seem superfluous, as if the imprisonment of its supposedly sole manager settled everything. During the trial nobody seemed to notice that somehow…the NS Kampfruf got distributed." - Antifaschistische Nachrichten, September 5, 1996

"In the Federal Republic he is the biggest supplier of NS-material and his steady flow of material for more than two decades created continuity for the militant young NS-generation emerging since the 1970s…

"The NSDAP/AO does not have a rigid organizational structure, therefore it is difficult for the authorities to grasp…

"Meanwhile, his companions in Lincoln handle the work for him. Thanks to more than twenty years of tolerance by the Federal Republic, the German neo-Nazi scene is strong enough to develop new supply lines.

"What would hurt the scene here would be additional indictments for creation of a criminal organization." – Antifaschistisches INFO-Blatt, September-October 1996

"A Nebraska publisher was sentenced to four years because he practiced the First Ammendment.

"The sentence raised serious constitutional questions in America. For instance, where is the U.S. government when American rights are being superseded by foreign law? And why were the Danes allowed to kidnap a U.S. citizen? Why were the Germans permitted to hold him?

"Sieg argued the trial was illegal because Germany has no right to tell a U.S. citizen what to do in the United States, nor for actions taken in the U.S. that are crimes in Germany. But the U.S. State Department has refused to go to bat for Lauck." - The Spotlight, September 23, 1996

"After more than four years in six different European prisons, Gary Lauck is more determined than ever to bring the National Socialist party into the forefront of global politics…

"´If anything, I`m even more determined and fanatical than before,` Lauck said...

"During an interview in Lincoln Thursday morning, Lauck said the German government broke both American and international law, violating the sovereignty and Constitution of the United States.

"´This is not about me or my political views,` he said. ´This is about the right of every American citizen to practice free speech without a foreign country claiming jurisdiction and without the bastards in Washington letting them get away with it. We (the NSDAP/AO) are preparing massive legal action against my kidnappers both here and abroad.`

"Lauck said he´d never stop challenging his enemies.

"If I die and St. Peter asks me if I want to go to heaven or go back and fight, I want to go back and fight.`" – Lincoln Journal Star, April 2, 1999


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