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"Politically incorrect" Books on Historical Revisionism, Anti-Semitism and Race

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#199 AN INTRODUCTION TO THE NSDAP/AO: THE FIGHT GOES ON! Self-explanatory. Includes key articles, media excerpts, chronology and reference literature list. 47pp. $5.00.

Books - Historical Revisionism

#557 THE TRIUMPH OF REASON: THE THINKING MAN'S GUIDE TO ADOLF HITLER. This controversial revisionist book uses authentic first hand impressions to counter the official system propaganda. Softcover. 72pp. $20.00.

#142 AUSCHWITZ: TRUTH OR LIE? – Thies Christophersen. Eyewitness account of daily life in Auschwitz. 31pp. $6.00

#143 DID SIX MILLION REALLY DIE? – Richard Harwood. Graphic, easy-to-read introduction to the entire "holocaust" fraud. 28pp. $5.00

#152 THE HOAX OF THE 20TH CENTURY – Dr. Arthur Butz. Exhaustive analysis refutes the charge the Third Reich planned the extermination of European Jewry. 315pp. Soldout.

#154 THE SIX MILLION SWINDLE – Dr. Austin App. Brief, factual essay on the postwar implications of the holocaust fraud. 24pp. $5.00

#155 TALES OF THE HOLOHOAX. A great comic book! $5.00.

#157 THE "HOLOCAUST": 120 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS by Crahles E. Weber. SC. 59pp. $5.00.


#014 AM I AN ANTI-SEMITE? – Rev. Charles E. Coughlin. Answers the Jewish question thoroughly. 56pp. Soldout.

#015 WHO’S WHO IN THE WORLD ZIONIST CONSPIRACY – James Combs. Updated with the latest evidence. A must read for every National Socialist. Soldout.

#016 I TESTIFY AGAINST THE JEWS – Robert E. Edmondson. This patriot was tried for sedition during WWII. Soldout.

#017 TWILIGHT OVER ENGLAND – William Joyce. Describes Jewish control of England. This brilliant orator and writer was hanged because of his "Lord Haw Haw" radio broadcasts from Berlin. 142pp. $10.00

#021 JUDAISM IN ACTION – Apion. Quotes from famous people throughout history about the Jews. 220pp. Soldout.

#022 THE OCTOPUS – Elizabeth Dilling. Exposes the B’nai B’rith and ADL as well as the Jews around Roosevelt. 256pp. Soldout.

#023 THE WORLD’S TROUBLE MAKERS – Bruce H. Brown. How Jews have infiltrated and taken over major denominations of Christianity. 150pp. Soldout.

#026 THE INTERNATIONAL JEW – Henry Ford Sr. Abridged from the original four volumes published in "The Dearborn Independent" by Gerald L.K. Smith. A must for every student! 231pp. $10.00

#032 THE INTERNATIONAL JEW – Henry Ford Sr.. the complete four volume set. Same as the original published in the 1920s. Pb. 1000pp. $40.00

#027 THE 100 FACTS. Are the Jews a peace-loving religion or a parasitic race? 43pp. $4.00

#060 COMMUNISM IN GERMANY – Adolf Ehrt. Covers the communist conspiracy on the eve of the 1933 National Revolution. Many photos, documents and statistics. 179pp. Soldout.

#076 FREEMASONRY, IDEOLOGY, ORGNIZATION AND POLICY with a foreward by Chief of Security Police & Security Service SS-Obergruppenführer Dr. Kaltenbrunner. Official SS publication tells all about the dangers of the secret freemasonic order. 68pp. $10.00.

#077 EUGENE DÜHRING ON THE JEWS – Eugene Dührung. This Swedish philosopher understands every detail of the Jewish question. This book is for advanced students. 228pp. Soldout.

#090 THE FABLE OF THE DUCKS AND THE HENS – Commander George Lincoln Rockwell. Dramatic saga of intrigue, propaganda and subversion presented in a large-format, full-color comic book. Great teaching tool. 50pp. $10.00

#097 BOLSHEVISM IN THEORY AND PRACTICE. Goebbels’ September 10, 1936 speech at the 8th Party Congress. 37pp. Soldout.

#145 KNOW YOUR ENEMY – Williams. Jews in America. 54ppp. Soldout.


#147 THE JEWS AND THEIR LIES – Martin Luther. The founder of Protestantism’s historic book about Jews. 64pp. $4.50

#148 THE TALMUD UNMASKED – Prainatis. Jewish "holy book" exposed. 88pp. $8.00

#149 THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION. World famous anonymous work sheds light on contemporary events. 71pp. $7.00

#173 BRAINWASHING: SOVIET PSYCHOPOLITICS – Kenneth Goff. Ex-Communist reveals Soviet methods and objectives of mass brainwashing. 64pp. $5.00

#538 JEWISH RITUAL MURDER – Arnold S. Leese. Jewish atrocity exposed! Softcover. 57pp. $6.00

#539 FACTS ARE FACTS – Benjamin Freedman. A Jew blows the whistle. Softcover. 80pp. $6.00

#540 HISTORICAL FACTS ABOUT THE JEWS. Softcover. 8pp. $2.00


#001 WHO BROUGHT THE SLAVES TO AMERICA? The Jews did! And did they get upset when the Black Muslims incorporated this into their teachings. Shatters myth of "White guilt". Pb. 30pp. 14 illustrations. $8.00

#003 WHITE MAN, THINK AGAIN! – A. Jacob. The White man must rule or perish. PB. 348pp. $15.00

#025 TRACING OUR WHITE ANCESTORS – Frederick Haberman. Answers many questions. 185pp. Soldout

#030 WHITE POWER - George Lincoln Rockwell. Hardcover. 482pp. $25.00.

#036 RACE AND REASON – A YANKEE VIEW – Carleton Putnam. Explains in-depth racial differences and the dangers of race-mixing. A must for all serious students. Pb. 120pp. Soldout.

#123 LINCOLN'S NEGRO POLICY by Earnest Sevier Cox. SC. 36pp. $8.00.

#130 IQ AND RACIAL DIFFERENCES by Henry E. Garrett. SC. 58pp. $7.00

#573 ANCIENT EUGENICS by Allen G. Roper. SC. 76pp. $7.00

#574 THE BIOLOGY OF THE RACE PROBLEM by Prof. Wesley C. George. SC. 72pp. $6.00.

#599 SUFFERINGS OF EASTERN GERMANY, originally published in 1931, describes the plight of Germany’s eastern provinces in the Weimar period. SC. 61pp. $10.00 - See excerpt - Add this item to shopping cart

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ART - Full color poster reprints of original Third Reich Art: German Military Art of Hans Liska, German War Art of the Kriegsmarine, German War Art of the Luftwaffe, German War Art of the Wehrmacht, Nazi Art/Propaganda, Third Reich Art/Culture, Nazi Posters by Mjölnir, Other Nazi Third Reich Posters, NEW! More Nazi Posters recently added!

BOOKS - Translated into English from Nazi Third Reich originals: Adolf Hitler Books, German War Books, Nazi Books, SS Schutzstaffel Books, Third Reich Books.

PICTURE BOOKS on DVD - Original Nazi Third Reich picture books on region free DVD with dual English/German narration.

FILMS - Original Nazi War Movies & Third Reich Propaganda Films on region free DVD with ENGLISH translation/voice over.

MARCHES - Original German Military Music, Third Reich War Songs, Nazi Marches on CDs.

FLAGS & PINS - Reproduction Nazi flags, Nazi Pins.

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