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Propaganda Material

#300 THE NEW ORDER. Subscription for 12 issues and Canada US $30.00. Other countries: US $50.00. Bulk: 10/$6.00, 100/$30.00, 500/$120.00. (Back issues not available.)

#301 INTRODUCTORY PACKET. Assorted literature. $5.00.

#302 SWASTIKA STICKERS. Red-white-black. Gummed. Approx. 2" x 4 1/8". Assorted slogans. 100/$5.00, 500/$15.00, 1000/$25.00.

Computer Propaganda

#701 650 MB COMPUTER-CD This 650 MB computer CD includes the layouts for National Socialist newsletters, leaflets, posters, stickers, email attachments and even website pages. (Requires IBM-compatible computer and the programs Microsoft Word 97, Microsoft Publisher 98 and Microsoft FrontPage 97.) Choose ONE format (European or US) and ONE language per CD. Available in the following language versions: English, German, Hungarian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or Bulgarian. $10.00 per CD.

Foreign Language Material

Ask for a copy of that language edition newspaper: German, Hungarian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian.

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