Nazi Lauck NSDAP/AO Rejects Violence . . .

The NSDAP/AO and Violence

The media often portrays National Socialists as violent terrorists. But how does the NSDAP/AO really view violence?

The NSDAP/AO neither condones nor condemns violence per se. Violence is merely a method. Instrinsically, it is neither good nor bad.

Indeed, the American Revolution of 1776 was very violent! Hitler’s rise to power in 1933, on the other hand, was so peaceful that it has been described by friend and foe alike as "a revolution without a broken window pane".

"Politics is the Art of the Possible"

American National Socialists enjoy a measure of political freedom far greater than our comrades in any other country. Failure to effectively use that freedom would be negligent. Irresponsible action that could endanger that freedom would be downright criminal.

It is important to realize that underground activity is much, much more difficult that legal activity.

Those who fail at legal activism (if indeed they ever really made an intelligent, serious and long-term effort) will certainly not succeed at illegal activism.

In countries where National Socialism is illegal, underground activity falls into two categories: violent and non-violent. Here, too, the latter is less difficult than the former. This is especially true due to our logistics: we lack a totally secure foreign base in a country with a supportive foreign government. (The U.S. government tolerates the NSDAP/AO’s propaganda mill in America, but it would immediately crush any "terrorist base".)

Therefore, the NSDAP/AO confines itself to legal activity in countries where National Socialism is legal...and to non-violent "illegal" activity in countries where National Socialism is banned.

An Alternative to Violence

The government and anti-NS media gladly quote our more strident massages to "prove" we are "terrorists". However, even these massages have a constructive purpose:

As political repression escalates in countries like Germany, more and more independent National Socialist activists become tempted to replace or supplement our propaganda weapons with weapons of another kind. This is, from a human standpoint, completely understandable. In order to maintain some moderating influence in these circles, the tone of NSDAP/AO propaganda must hence become a bit more militant. (I pointed this out to the court in the famous Buckeburg trial in Germany in 1979.)

Indeed, NSDAP/AO propaganda material offers a (non-violent) alternative form of political activism to patriots whose previously legal organizations have been banned by the Bonn regime. If this material did not exist, the other alternative – violence - would appear even more attractive to many frustrated patriots. Therefore, NSDAP/AO propaganda serves to decrease, not increase, violence.

A Hypothetical Example

American citizens usually find it hard to imagine the kind of tyrannical oppression inflicted on its own people by the so-called "democratic government" of Germany. In the name of freedom, that government outlaws any expression of National Socialism: political parties, literature, clothing, symbols, even songs!

In order to understand the situation better, here is a hypothetical example:

Say you are a leading, non-violent activist in the anti-abortion movement in the United States.

In the middle of the night you are awakened by the sound of a number of unknown people breaking down your front door and entering your house. The next thing you know, you are confronted by several men in civilian clothes pointing guns at you! You do not know who they are or whether or not they plan to kill you and your family right then and there. (Perhaps after torture and rape.) Nonetheless, you know resistance would be sheer suicide.

Finally you are relieved, although surprised, to hear that they are the police. But you are less relieved to hear they have a warrant to ransack your home and arrest you on felony charges.

Down at the police station you find out you have been charged with terrorism!!!

After days, weeks or even months in jail, you finally get out on bail. Meanwhile, your attorney has visited you (in jail) to discuss the case.

The "evidence" against you is extremely flimsy.

It turns out somebody you never met – and who was never even a marginal member of your anti-abortion organization - threw a molotov cocktail through the window of an abortion clinic. When the police raided his home, they found a wide variety of anti-abortion literature, including a leaflet which your organization had distributed in large quantity.

That single leaflet was enough "evidence" to convince a pro-abortion judge to sign your arrest warrant!

Six months or a year pass before your trial. During the proceedings, your defense attorney skillfully points out how ridiculous the charges are. Indeed, the prosecutor produces no solid evidence whatsoever.

When sentence is about to be passed, you confidently stand. You are sure of an acquital.

But the judge finds you guilty!

He sentences you to three years imprisonment! (You think of your wife and infant son; he’ll be talking before you ever see him again. And how will your wife and kids survive financially?!?)

The judge calmly says that, despite the lack of evidence of any direct involvement, your kind of anti-abortion literature motivated the fire-bombing, and that you are hence the "spiritual father of the crime".

You go to prison. Every appeal fails. You serve the entire three year sentence.

This happens to dozens, even hundreds, of your fellow activists.

Furthermore, the government outlaws almost every major anti-abortion organization in the entire country, claiming they are the equivalent of "criminal organizations". And distribution of anti-abortion leaflets is made a felony ("hate crime"?) offense, which is punishable with up to five years imprisonment.

Think about it!

This is exactly what is happening to anti-immigration activists in so-called "democratic" Germany today.

This is why the potential for violence is increasing, not decreasing, despite the Bonn government’s "anti-terrorist crackdown".

Indeed, Bonn is doing everything it can to encourage terrorism. It wants an excuse to try to justify its tyrannical repression of political dissidents.

More Proof

Question: What is the maximum sentence for smuggling National Socialist propaganda into Germany? Answer: five years!

Question: What is the maximum sentence for smuggling machine guns and bombs into Germany? Answer: only three years!

Obvious Conclusions

First, the Bonn government is not a free democracy. It is a repressive regime.

Second, Bonn is more afraid of non-violent National Socialist propaganda activity than it is of terrorism.

Third, Bonn seeks to provoke a terrorist counterattack - an extreme form of self-defense reluctantly launched out of sheer desperation – in order to justify its ever greater repression.

"Democracy" and "Sovereignty" Disproved by the NS-Ban

What does the NSDAP/AO want?

Political freedom!

Lift the ban against National Socialism!

That is all we want. We wish to openly present our views to the public. We wish to participate in democratic elections. The German people should have the right to vote for us if they want.

The denial of that right is inconsistent with two fundamental claims:

1) that the Bonn government is a "free democracy", and

2) that the Bonn regime is a "sovereign German state" that represents the German opposed to a puppet regime established by, and subservient to, Germany’s enemies in World War Two, namely the Allied powers.

It is highly significant that Bonn officials sometimes seek to justify the ban against National Socialism by reference to the Allied occupation regulations ...and even to the "conditional" or "limited" sovereignty of their regime!

Furthermore, the simultaneous legality of the until recently far more powerful communist parties (financied by the former communist East Block and in effect allied with the West’s greatest political-military enemy of the postwar era, namely the Soviet Union) clearly proves the NS-ban was and is not aimed at "the totalitarian threat against democracy" in general. Otherwise the "democratic" regime would outlaw both the National Socialist and the communist parties.

This apparent contradiction has only one explanation: the communists, as "allies" against National Socialist Germany, were (and are) allowed to participate in the allied occupation government that masquerades as a "sovereign German state". That regime in turn says that the German people have no right to vote for the party of their choice unless it is first "approved" by the enemy occupation forces, i.e. unless it is "democratic" or even "communist"... indeed anything EXCEPT National Socialist.

True German democracy is impossible unless the NS-ban is lifted.

True German sovereignty is impossible unless the NS-ban is lifted.

Afraid of their own People

Why do the politicians in Bonn hestitate to simply legalize National Socialism?

Because they are afraid of their own people!

They are afraid of the amount of support a National Socialist party can and will gain in Germany.

The ban and the increasing repression prove more than anything else the extent of this fear.

If the National Socialist movement lacks the support of the German people as claimed by the Bonn regime, then the solution is simple:

Lift the ban. Allow the National Socialists to participate in elections. And then point at the tiny number of votes and exclaim: "See, we told you they have no support in Germany!"

Why does Bonn hestitate?

Why does Bonn seek instead to provoke a campaign of terrorism? (A la the communist "Red Army Fraction" in the 1970’s.)

There is only one explanation: Bonn is afraid. Bonn is lieing. Bonn knows a substantial number of Germans sympathize with National Socialism.

"Freedom or Revolution?"

The Bonn politicians must consider this:

If the National Socialist movement comes to power legally, the revolution will be peaceful. And a very generous, widespread amnesty will be offered to its former foes (like in 1933)....But if the revolution is violent and accompanied by great bloodshed, then the traitors will not be treated so leniently (i.e. the infamous postwar "Nuremberg trials" in reverse).

Many German government workers and even police realize this. They avoid over-zealous participation in the present campaign of repression. Some even help by means of tip-offs. (If one hundred police are involved in a raid, only one needs to give a tip-off for the raid to fail.) I know of many such incidents.

The Bonn politicians are materialistic opportunists. They may be willing to persecute, imprison and even kill for their so-called "democracy", but they are not willing to suffer or even die for their cause.

National Socialists, on the other hand, are dedicated idealists. They are not only willing to hurt the enemy. They are also willing to suffer, sacrifice and, if necessary, to die for their cause.

That is why we will eventually win.

We warn Bonn:


This does not mean freedom "through" revolution.

We National Socialists want to convince people, not kill them. We National Socialist wish to participate in elections, not throw bombs.

If freedom is postponed too long, if the repression reaches a certain degree, revolution - whether we want it or not - will become unavoidable. The casualties on both sides will then fall to the blame of the undemocratic democratic regime. And its stooges will pay the price in full.

We National Socialists demand:



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