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Jew Jokes

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Why does a Jew pick his nose?
It's cheaper than using a tissue.

What is the title of the Jew favorite how-to-book?
"How to Make Money!"

When a Jew throws a party, what do his guests drive?
The goys crazy!

Why did the Jew rush to the discount store?

The ad said: "CHEAP!!!"

Why is the rhinoceros jealous of Jews?
Jews have bigger noses.

What time is bed time at the Jew's house?
When electricity is too expensive.

What do Jews and niggers both like to ride?

What is the worst stain on a Jew's underwear?
Lipstick from a  Jewess.

Why does the Jew do after one of his friends leaves?

He checks the sofa for loose change.

What did the sunbather shout at the Jew?
No, I won't PAY you for sunshine!

What is a Jew's ideal of a perfect 10?
Any blonde he can get.

Why did the Jew want his own kid?
Cheap labor.

What repulsive thing can be found in a Jew's clothes?
The occupant.

What has a big nose, stinks, and acts like a repulsive jerk?
The typical Jew.

Why did the gas company fire the Jew?
He was allergic to gas.

Why are Jews' pants so big?
So they don't need to buy a wallet.

Why don't Jews eat pork?
The Torah prohibits cannibalism.

What did the Jew say to the bank teller?

I want MORE!

Where does the Jew look for dates?
Porn sites.

Why does the Jew hate his own reputation?
The truth hurts!

What caused the Jew's biggest problem?
The greatest man who ever lived, ADOLF HITLER!

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