Internet Alert. American internet users face arrest at German airports. . . .

Internet Alert!

Every American internet user is now in danger of CONVICTION by a FOREIGN government!

Amazingly, the U.S. government can then declare you a "convicted felon" - and take away your rights as a U.S. citizen!

In an interview in Der Spiegel (#46/1996), Germany’s Justice Minister Nehm threatened to ARREST Americans whose internet sites are legal in America, but "illegal" under German law. (Germany claims jurisdiction, because these sites are "accessible" in Germany.)

More recently, Germany has even threatened the top managers of Barnes & Noble, according to Die Welt in Germany and The Jewish Press in America. (Ironically, the books they sold via internet did not even go to Germany! They went to France!)

American publisher Gerhard Lauck was kidnapped and imprisoned by the Germans – solely for publishing a newspaper in America! When he returned to America after spending four years in German prisons, he tried to renew his handgun permit. - The ATF declared him a "convicted felon" and refused the application. When he appealed with the help of the ACLU, the county prosecutor arrested and indicted him, simply because he refused to be criminalized for practicing free speech!

This is not about any one person or his views. This is about the right of every American to practice free speech without a foreign government claiming jurisdiction! And, more importantly, without the politicians here using these foreign governments to attack both the First and Second Ammendments!

Every American internet user is in danger – and does not even know it!

Please alert your fellow internet users and the general public of this growing threat to our national sovereignty, our Constitution, and our freedoms!

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

For more information, contact:

Gerhard Lauck, c/o PO Box 6414, Lincoln, NE 68506 USA


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