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NS NEWS BULLETIN (NSB) Text for Issue Dated April 20, 2015

Text Section #1

NS News Bulletin

Issue Number 101

Founded 2015

Organ of the NSDAP/AO in [your language!]

April 20, 2015


Text Section #2

The Fight Goes On!

Seventy years after the capitulation of the Wehrmacht on May 8, 1945, the National Socialist movement is stronger than ever in the postwar period. And indeed not only in Germany, rather on the global level.

Decades of mass murder, expulsion, persecution and defamation have not sufficed to suffocate the seed of the brilliant idea of our much loved Führer Adolf Hitler.

All National Socialists and other racially-aware folk comrades and racial comrades fight side by side for the preservation of our White folks.

The movement has indeed become stronger, but the danger of biological folk death is also much greater today than in the past.

The desperate enemy is in the process of committing genocide against all White folks. His means are immigration, culture distortion and race-mixing.

Whether "legal" or "illegal", whether in election battle or street battle, whether armed with propaganda material or on a battlefield of a different kind: every National Socialist does his duty!

Heil Hitler!

Gerhard Lauck


Text Section #3

 The Global National Socialist Press

The NSDAP/AO was founded in 1972 for the purpose of supplying the banned National Socialist underground movement in Germany with propaganda material. It soon gained recognition by friend and foe alike. Over the decades it has grown into a global operation with the motto:

Together We Are Strong !

Our oldest newspaper, the NS KAMPFRUF in German, was founded in 1973. THE NEW ORDER (originally NS REPORT, but renamed in 1977) in English was founded in 1975. Well over 300 issues of these two newspapers were printed in tabloid size (17 x 22 inch) on newsprint paper stock during the next three decades.

The NS NEWS BULLETIN was launched in the 1990’s in many additional languages.

Fight at Our Side! Work with Us! Donate !


Text Section #4

Download from ! Print ! Distribute!


Text Section #5

Pillars of the NSDAP/AO


Top Priority!

The PRIMARY OBJECTIVE is the survival of the White Race and of our individual White "folks" or "nationalities"!!!

EVERYTHING else is SECONDARY! Ideological, tactical and ethnic differences of opinion should NOT be allowed to interfere with the PRIMARY OBJECTIVE!


The Role of the NSDAP/AO

The smallest cell of the NS-movement is the individual National Socialist. As long as a single National Socialist exists anywhere in the world, the fight goes on!

Note: "Still lives" alone is not sufficient! "Still fights" is essential!

Every genuine National Socialist does something to somehow promote the movement! Simply "believing" or "studying" is not ACTION! Whoever does not know this and act according, is no National Socialist at all. (Even if he can quote Mein Kampf from back to front from memory in Hebrew!)

Two National Socialists – even if they work totally independently from each other and have no knowledge of each other’s existence – are twice as strong as merely one…

…but if they work together, they are not just twice as strong, rather four times as strong.

Ten National Socialists – or NS-organizations (!) – even if they work totally independently from each other and barely know of each other’s existence - , are ten times as strong as merely one…

…but if they work together – optimally coordinated - , then they are not just ten times as strong, rather a hundred times as strong!

Herein lies the significance of the NSDAP/AO. It replaces neither the individual National Socialist nor the individual NS-organization. – It supplements them. The NSDAP/AO MULTIPLIES their effectiveness thanks to its key role on the international level!


The Global National Socialist Family

The National Socialist movement is a GLOBAL family. This family consist of MANY organizations and individuals. No ONE organization or individual is more than a TINY part of that family.

There was a time when even major organizational leaders refused to accept this fundamental truth. They viewed their own organization as the center of the NS universe… as the heart, mind and soul of the NS movement…as the one and ONLY heir to Adolf Hitler’s legacy!

Some of them banned their members from joining other organizations. Some not only demanded exclusive loyalty, but branded their "competitors "as "enemies of the party".

Note: I am NOT going to mention any names! This is NOT about opening up old wounds. I simply wish to prepare new people in case they stumble upon any rotting body parts or unexploded land mines left over from the old civil wars that did so much damage to the movement back when I was young. Hopefully, THEY will learn from OUR mistakes! Not REPEAT them!

Here is how I view my own position:

The NSDAP/AO does not exist to serve me. I exist to serve the NSDAP/AO…The NS movement does not exist to serve the NSDAP/AO. The NSDAP/AO exists to serve the NS movement…The White race does not exist to serve the NS movement. The NS movement exists to serve the White race.

If you agree with this approach, check us out. If not, check out a different organization.


The Backbone of the NS Movement:

Our Cadres

Neither the NS leader nor the NS organization is the backbone of the National Socialist movement. The cadres are the backbone of the movement!

The cadres have been forged in years of intensive political struggle. They bear the scars and have the experience. Their know-how and collaboration are absolutely decisive in this fight!

Sometimes the relationship between the cadre and the "organizational leader" is akin to the relationship between a seasoned sergeant and a green young lieutenant fresh from the academy.

My advice as a "senior officer" in the movement to my younger colleagues in "positions of command" is this: LISTEN TO YOUR SERGEANT!!!


My Role Models

My role models were my educators, co-workers and comrades!

They were, in part, men who had participated in the First World War, the (first) period of struggle, the Second World War and the (second) period of struggle after 1945! Hence in part Reich Germans and emigrants…But they were also, in part, old fellow fighters of the German-American Bund.

We National Socialists of the postwar generation have not experienced and endured ANYTHING COMPARABLE! We must bow our heads in reverence before them!

The only thing we have to complain about is that we did not get to experience the Führer and the Third Reich!

The loss of a postwar organization or organizational leader may be very painful and discouraging for US, but in comparison to THEIR path of suffering, sacrifice and steadfastness, it is a triviality!

We must prove ourselves worthy of them - and of the millions of fallen! There is only one way to do this: To fight to the last breath!


The Old Guard

The Old Guard of today consists for the most part of the NS leaders of my postwar generation. Their distinguishing features are decades of activism and (in Germany) in most cases also several years of political imprisonment.

Nonetheless, we consider ourselves to be, at best, faint carbon copies of the comrades of the war generation, our own mentors.

We find almost shameful the fact that the young comrades, whose educators we must be, must unfortunately put up with such miserable role models – in comparison to our educators and role modes -, namely with us.  

No protest! The MINIMUM requirement for fulfillment of duty is the fight to the death! Whoever still lives, has not yet reached this minimum requirement and has no claim to let himself be glorified all too much! (For coming generations of NS fighters, this should not seem to be just a pretty formulation, rather as something that is self-evident!)

Our successors must definitely become BETTER National Socialists than we ! – Otherwise the movement will not possess the high-value human material that is required for the fulfillment of its historical mission!

THEIR successors must carry on this higher development of character! 

Justified appreciation and recognition are good. Yes, they are useful for the history of the movement and the education of the youth. But not, when they are excessive.

Our all-too-human shortcomings are not to be kept secret! First, for the sake of the historical truth…second, for the sake of successful practice…and third, for the sake of the education of the youth.

Whoever fights honestly, loyally, bravely and tenaciously, needs not worry about his honor and "fame after death".

His Eternal Life is embodied in the blood of his children and his legacy in the spirit of coming generations of NS comrades!


Heil Hitler!

Gerhard Lauck


Text Section #6

Continued on page 99


Text Section #7

Progress Report


Our newest web-site, aka, was launched on November 23rd. Although the initial prototype was aimed primarily at the American general public, European co-workers have been heavily involved from the very start. Some of these comrades have been working with the NSDAP/AO since the early 1970’s!

More or less this whole web-site had been translated into a dozen languages before Christmas. If you count segments, it is 41 languages altogether. Over time, the still missing portions will be translated, more languages will join them, and more material will be added. Not bad for the first month!

This NSDAP/AO "front" addresses the general public on issues such as the bought off politicians of both parties, the Wall Street swindle, and illegal immigration. The volunteers recruited are put to work and (if necessary) gently nudged closer to National Socialism. "business cards" were printed in December in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian and Bulgarian. The first production batch of "Joint Effort" protest-vote business cards went to an organization in Spain, whose director has been working with us since the 1970’s.

Advertising banner and bumper sticker layouts were added to the web-site on December 31st. The themes include political prostitutes, non-White immigration (Moslems in Europe and Mexicans in the USA), the Wall Street swindle, and the dual EU/Putin threat to the Ukraine.

Since January the search term "protest vote" on now lists our web-site,, on the second or third position.

If you would like to do more, but have to keep a low profile, then this project is for YOU! Visit the web-site at!

Of course, this project is only a SUPPLEMENT to our mainstay hardcore NS propaganda! NOT a REPLACEMENT! It is just one more propaganda weapon in our arsenal.


"Social Media"

Thanks to a new co-worker we now have a twitter account: . Please help to further develop it!



Gerhard Lauck had a 2 1/2 hour telephone interview on January 20, 2015 on a TalkShoe Internet radio program. Visit for links for a free download.


White House Petition

Our White House Petition attracted three times the number of signatures expected despite being our first attempt and a low priority. If we can double that number in the future, our next petition will appear on the publicly viewable portion of the White House web-site. This could easily result in media coverage, i.e. more "free advertising".


Recruitment Drive

The NSDAP/AO "Recruitment Team" has sent thousands of targeted recruitment letters during the past couple months. Over 100 new volunteers have already reported for duty! Many of them have already made a significant contribution to our effort. However, our ability to use them effectively depends in large part on our own financial resources.

What is Next?

This depends on you! On your concrete support: activism, volunteer work and/or financial donations!


Text Section #8

This is just one of the several 3 x 8 bumper sticker or advertising banner layouts that can be downloaded for from .


Text Section #9

Reproduction Nazi Flags. 3 x 5 feet. 30,00 Euro or US$30.00 each. Left to right: #200 Party Swastika Flag; #201 Third Reich Battle Flag.


Text Section #10

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Text Section #11

Adolf Hitler – Hero of the White Race

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