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Welcome Volunteer Translator !



Dear Volunteer Translator:


Thanks for your offer to translate!


Even one hour per week adds up to a lot over time.


Our translation work falls into two categories: “Short/fast” and “long/slow”.


Examples of “short/fast”: PROGRESS REPORT items and parts of the NS NEWS BULLETIN (NSB).


Examples of “long/slow”: “SERIALIZATIONS” published in multiple issues of our periodicals and BOOKS.


Regarding books:


We have already published a set of twelve Heinrich Hoffmann Adolf Hitler picture books with dual German/English text… Now we want to publish an additional dual language edition. Either Spanish/Portuguese or Spanish/French…And later MORE dual language editions.


Because these are picture books, the amount of text is small. Perhaps one or two days work per book.


We can print even very small press runs of books in-house cost effectively. – I have personally translated roughly 200 (short) original Third Reich books into English, which we have then published. (See


Please think about which type of assignment you prefer: “short/fast” or “long/slow”. And then let me know!


Welcome to our translator team!



Gerhard Lauck


PS: Some of our co-workers have been with us since the early 1970’s! We strive to match “needs” and “abilities” in order to maximize both productivity and your personal satisfaction.


PPSS: One of my email addresses is [If this email address stops working, you can normally find one that DOES work by searching through our various web-sites. These include, but are not limited to, the following: , etc..]




First Assignment


Generally, the first assignment is translation of the NS NEWS BULLETIN (NSB) - the issue dated April 20, 2015 - into YOUR native language...UNLESS this has ALREADY been done. When in doubt, just ask me!


Please send us the translation as a MS Word 98® .doc file. - IF it is not inconvenient, we prefer Times New Roman, 11 point, regular face. Line spacing one point. Paragraph spacing one point. Paragraph indented three spaces. Text justified.


When we have finished the layout, we will usually send a copy to YOU for PROOF-READING. There are TWO ways we can do this:


First, we can download a "rough draft" PDF file to our web-site for you to examine.


Second, we can upload the layout as a .pub file to and then send you a "key" (url) so you can download it. Note: You can DOWNLOAD files from WITHOUT having an account with them. (You cannot UPLOAD files there unless you have an account. But the account is FREE.]





How to Submit Corrections 


Please correct the text in the "numbered text section" (#1, #2, #3 etc.) and re-send whatever "text sections" have changed. (If you prefer to send the WHOLE NSB text, then please specify WHICH sections have been changed.)


There are TWO reasons for this procedure:


First, most of the layout work is done by co-workers who do NOT know the language they're working on! It is easier - and more accurate (!) - for them to simply replace a "large chunk" of text than to search for and then make a correction.


Second, we are experiencing compatibility issues between MS Publisher 98® and MS Publisher 2010®. Changes we make in the 98 .pub file used for PRINTING hardcopy work fine, BUT the 2010 .pub file used for (high quality "print") PDF generation gets messed up!


Eventually, we'll probably "standardize" with MS Office 2010®. (At present, we use MS Word 98® and MS Publisher 98®.) But some key co-workers are still dependent on the "old" methods and programs.


Please remember that our team members are scattered around the world, speak different languages, have different software versions, and often possess only very limited computer skills…Furthermore, many live in countries where “the right to free speech” is defined very “differently”. 



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