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Travellers Alert Campaign


I. Travellers Alert Flier

II. Travellers Alert Action Report


I. Travellers Alert Flier


Travellers Alert!

American citizens are now being ARRESTED WITHOUT WARNING at German airports !

Journalists and publishers are at the greatest risk. – The German Justice Ministry claims global jurisdiction, because American publications AND AMERICAN INTERNET SITES are "accessible" in Germany. But even an innocent letter put an elderly American in a German jail for five months.

American historian Richard Landwehr was tried and convicted in absentia in a German court without even being notified. His offense? He wrote an English-language military history book in America. Germany’s jurisdiction claim? One copy of that book was found in Germany.

American publisher Gerhard Lauck was kidnapped in Denmark under a German arrest warrant, taken against his will to Germany and imprisoned there for four years! His offense? He published a newspaper in America promoting free speech. Germany’s jurisdiction claim? The newspaper also has subscribers in Germany.

American pensioner Hans Schmidt was arrested at the Frankfurt airport and jailed for over five months. His offense? He wrote a letter from America protesting against human rights abuses in Germany. Germany’s jurisdiction claim? That letter was mailed to Germany.

Dr. Fredrick Toben, a historian and educator, has been imprisoned in Germany because of his totally legal newsletter – in English – on an Internet web site in Australia!

German Justice Minister Nehm has publically threatened to arrest Americans entering Germany if their internet sites IN AMERICA displease him.* Germany’s jurisdiction claim? These sites are "accessible" in Germany. (* Der Spiegel #46/1996)

The U.S. State Department has consistently refused to help these Americans to regain their freedom. Germany is too important as an "ally" and "business partner". American sovereignty and the U.S. Constitution are sacrificed on the altar of political expediency. In short: U.S. citizens are now being arrested in Germany solely for practicing free speech inside America!

Stay out of prison!

Stay out of Germany !

For more information, contact: PO Box 6414, Lincoln, NE 68506 USA

Legal Notice: Airlines and travel agencies may face legal action for failure to clearly warn their customers of this danger.

II. Travellers Alert Action Report

September 11, 1999

The TRAVELLERS ALERT campaign was launched on August 15th with a flier distribution at the Los Angeles International Airport near the Lufthansa counter. It was conducted by American patriots who were shocked by Germany’s violation of U.S. sovereignty as exposed by Gerhard Lauck’s speech the previous evening.

This distribution - as well as Lauck’s speech and his two hour interview on August 14th - were filmed by KETV/ABC from Omaha. Their report was broadcast on September 9th.

America’s largest populist weekly newspaper, THE SPOTLIGHT, also reported on these events in their August 30th issue. This coverage included a copy of the flier with legible address.

Numerous international airport authorities throughout the United States have been asked for their rules and regulations governing such distributions, which the U.S. Supreme Court confirms are protected by the First Ammendment.

One shocked airport official volunteered information on related trade associations. (Several letters have been sent to trade associations connected with the tourism industry.) Another stated he will copy and distribute the Travellers Alert flier at the airport’s next manager meeting.

The legal departments of several major U.S. airlines – as well as Lufthansa and SAS – have received letters via certified mail informing them of this risk to their passengers and urging them to warn them accordingly.

Computer/Internet magazine editors have been informed of the risk to American internet users and urged to alert their readers.

Activists throughout the country are volunteering to participate in this campaign. Several are preparing airport literature distributions. Targeted mailings will be coordinated with these actions.

Even people far away from an international airport can help. For example, a Lincolnite read in the local newspaper that a well-known civil rights personality would speak at the campus the following week. He then called information for that man’s college office telephone number, phoned there for the fax number, and faxed him the Travellers Alert flier and a cover letter.

Regardless of your geographic location or other possible limitations, there is something YOU can do, too!

Activities fall within various categories:

1. Literature distributions (person-to person). - For example, at airports or near German Consulates.

2. Targeted Mass Mailings. - For example, to tourism-related businesses.

3. Letter writing. - For example, letters-to-the-editor to the local media.

4. Phone calls. - For example, to both businesses and the media.

5. Computer/Internet.


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